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Barbie Fashionistas No.13 Face Shot

Barbie Fashionistas No.13 Back View

Barbie Fashionistas No.13 Full View Pose One

Barbie Fashionistas No.13 Full View Pose Two

Barbie Fashionistas No.13 Size Porportions Shot


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Barbie Fashionista No13 by Mattel

With a ton of new looks, this Barbie Fashionistas doll offers real-world diversity and fashion options for endless styling fun! Ready for anything, she wears fabulous outfits that reflect current trends and let you explore who you want to be because with Barbie, you can be anything! Barbies completes her outfit with a pretty polka dot outfit, outstanding orange strappy heels and beautiful black heart earrings. No matter where your imagination takes her, she will be ready for any occasion!


One 13 in. Barbie Doll
Polka Dot Outfit
Orange Strappy Heels
Black Heart Earrings


Doll Cannot Stand Alone
- Not recommended for children under 3 years
- Made in China