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This bundle is perfect for any little mommies and daddies to feel prepared to take care of their little one!

Diaper Bag

Pretend mommies and daddies are ready to take good care of their baby doll with this stylish, two pocket diaper bag. Cushy, padded handles and easy-open compartments easily hold a cloth diaper, a container of wipes, and a container that can hold rash ointment (all included).  Item NOT sold separately.  


1 Diaper Bag
1 Clothes Diaper
1 Container of Wipes
1 Container for Rash Ointment


Dimensions: 10.75" x 8.25" x 4.75" Packaged
- Not recommended for children under 3 years
- Made in China

Time to Eat Feeding Set

Every mommy knows how important it is to feed a little baby. Now, your little mommy can take care of her baby with this adorable 8-piece set. An easy-close, embroidered bib, keeps baby clean during mealtime which is organized with a divided dish, fork, spoon and yummy "applesauce" and "peas and carrots" for the baby. Disappearing "orange juice" and "milk" bottles add nutrition and fun!  Item NOT sold separately.  


8 Pieces
1 Dish
1 Fork
1 Spoon
1 Apple Sauce
1 Peas and Carrots
1 Orange Juice Bottle
1 Milk Bottle
1 Bib


No spill "Orange Juice" and "Milk"
Easy To Clean
- Not recommended for children under 3 years
- Made in China


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