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Iron Man Helicopter

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  • Iron Man Helicopter

    When Iron Man needs more than just his suit, he calls for the World Tech Toys Marvel Licensed Avengers Iron Man 3.5CH Gyro RC Helicopter! This Heli has a super strong polymer frame and a built-in gyro, making it easy to fly. Great for people of all skill levels, the Iron Man Helicopter features a coaxial rotor, a single rear rotor for precise movement, and a gyro for increased stability whether flying or hovering. Controlling the helicopter is a breeze! It can go forward, backward, up, down, left, right, and hover. What really makes this awesome helicopter stand10 out is the built-in gyroscope, automatically stabilizing it during flight and keeps you focused on flying. No assembly required! A must have for Iron Man fans, licensed helicopter today!


    Iron Man 3.4CH Gyro RC Helicopter
    3.5 Channel Radio Transmitter
    Spare Propeller Blades
    Rechargeable Battery
    Wall Charger


    No Assembly Required
    Strong Polymer Body
    Can Take Up to 200 Pounds of Force
    LED Lights and Coaxial Rotor
    3.5 Channel Radio Control
    Built in Gyroscope
    - Not recommended for children under 10 years
    - Made in China