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Prima Ballerina (TuTu Only)

Elegant Princess (TuTu Only)

Magical Fairy (TuTu Only)

Rocker Girl (TuTu Only)


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Amazing value! Four adorable dress-up skirts - sweetly designed, packed with detail, and made to last. Shimmering multi-textured fabrics make each one uniquely lovely. And the elastic waistbands are easy to slip on and off for quick costume changes! The four pretty styles - Elegant Princess, Prima Ballerina, Magical Fairy, and Rocker Girl - are sure to inspire creative playtimes galore. (TuTus only.)


Four TuTu Styles:
Prima Ballerina
Magical Fairy
Elegant Princess
Rocker Girl


Elastic waistbands
Multi-textured fabrics
- Not recommended for children under 3 years
- Made in China