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  • Block Tech Space Heroes

    This is a Block Tech building set that features pieces that are compatible with other leading brands. This building set contains instructions and everything you need to make the following: Spaceship, Space Cruiser, Droid, Space Center, and 4 Figures. This building set has been designated intermediate, with recommended ages of 6-12 years. However, given that children grow at different paces, please use your own discretion. Help build good hand-eye coordination, enhance reasoning skills and strengthen confidence with this building set!


    1 Spaceship
    1 Space Cruiser
    1 Droid
    1 Space Center
    4 Figurines
    Assembly Instructions


    Total of 233 Pieces
    Intermediate Level of Difficulty
    Blocks are Compatible with Other Leading Brands
    - Not recommended for children under 3 years
    - Made in China